Quickly add presets to images directly within Photoshop - from subtle to transformative.  Choose exactly how much you want each preset to affect your image or mix the presets to create something new.  You won't believe how quick Filmic works and how beautiful the results will be.


Inalbeo Grade Color Toning

Grade is a fully featured luminance based color grading tool within Photoshop.  Easily add color or change the brightness of shadows, midtones, or highlights.  The luminance ranges of each section can be adjusted for instant visual feedback.  Grade is a fully featured, self contained plugin that was designed to be efficient, quick, and incredibly powerful.

Sequential Photoshop plugin

Looking to speed up your Photoshop workflow?  Sequential is the perfect tool for the job.  Go through images without leaving Photoshop, easily save and move on to the next image, and keep track of how long your editing is taking on a per image and total basis.  Best of all, we're offering Sequential for free, no strings attached!